As we gear up for the amazing Dark Matter gigs next week, we asked curator Mary Anne Hobbs for five tracks that have changed everything – here are her choices. Which tracks have changed everything for you? Tell us on Twitter @MIFestival or on our Facebook page


David Bowie – Subterraneans
I remember being 14 years old, sitting of the floor of my bedroom, playing this track over and over and over. I believed that if I could decode the language Bowie created for his lyrics, I’d find the keys to the gate. This is where my lifelong love of space and mystery in sound began, which you can trace all the way through this Top Five.


Pinch – Qawwali
This was the first solo release of the artist I like to call the King of Bristol. It’s a release that defines the great sense of spirituality and of promise in the embryonic dubstep sound in 2006. I find a rare place of peace that I can inhabit – in between the frequencies – listening to this track.


Nils Frahm – Says 
Nils Frahm changed my life, he opened a doorway into a new world of exploration of music with classical roots. And I changed his life in a small way, when we staged our BBC Prom in 2015 together. With ‘Says’, it feels like Nils has taken the complex textures – not of what love is – but of what love could be… and transposed them into sound.


Colin Stetson – Spindrift
Colin has changed my ideas of what music can be. He’s developed a circular breathing technique, so he is able to play rhythm, drone and melody simultaneously, while he sings through his saxophone. When you hear this track you will marvel at the notion that this is one man, playing one instrument, and it was recorded in one take.


Andrea Belfi – Lead 
I have always loved the drums. Andrea is a Berlin based drummer and percussionist, whose complex rhythm patterens are the very fabric from which he has created his incredible new album Ore. You always need heroes in this life. Andrea is one.


Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 6 Music tastemaker, is curating Dark Matter, eight immersive shows from pioneering national, international and Manchester-based musicians. Get your tickets here!

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