Jane, Wrangler and the rest of the crew are now ensconced in the wonderful Upper Campfield Market.  The writer has been left at home to blog.  So here goes.

When Jane and I first sat down with Mal to begin work on Cotton Panic! we knew  that we wanted film to be part of the whole experience.

Quite what that film should be, we hadn’t a clue. None at all.

Luckily Mal has a vast experience of using moving images in live shows (as all fans of Cabaret Voltaire will know), and he came up with a simple answer:

“I think we need to call Chris Turner,” he said.

So we did.  Chris had recently made this wonderful video for the Wrangler single, “Stupid”:

Chris calmly looked at the budget and time available, and rather than laughing in a derisory fashion he just rolled up his sleeves (revealing some remarkably good tattoos) and got on with it.

He immediately suggested that using a Phantom high speed camera would mean that he could garner wonderful, high definition, super-slow moving images without breaking the bank or having to rush.  After all, when the camera can shoot around 3,000 frames per second (normal film is 24 frames per second) you’re getting 125 times as many images in the same time.  Genius.  The Cotton Panic! film aesthetic was born.  The mesmerising languor that Chris captures through slow motion techniques is evident in another clip of his, here.

So prepare yourself for some wonderful, seductive, hypnotic imagery in Cotton Panic!


A little know fact: beyond being a fantastic director and a lovely chap, Chris is also a dead ringer from one of Wrangler’s other collaborators, John Grant.

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