When I was a kid… we’d storm 200 miles up the M6 every weekend to go to the Hacienda.

I remember queuing on Whitworth Street, wondering if we’d actually make it past Fiona Allen who was ferocious on the door.

I was just a scruffy punk, I’d never been to a ‘club’ before… but it was at the Hacienda I discovered a new kind of music that inspired a life-long exploration of electronic sound.

There was a tangible magic about those nights… they were transformative for me… and I wanted to try to invoke that in a new way at MIF in 2017.

The venues we chose, the Ritz and Gorilla, are located on Whitworth Street where the Hacienda once stood. Those spaces have been completely blacked-out and will be re-imagined in light by the brilliant Lighting Designer Stuart Bailes.

There are 8 shows that make up the Dark Matter series.

The line-up is multi-dimensional; taking in pioneering electronics, drone/metal, grime + hip-hop, new jazz and more. It draws together a collection of the world’s most exciting and radical musicians, all of whom will debut some new work.

An integral part of the remit for Dark Matter was to root MIF back into the streets of the city and to fully involve young independent artists with Manchester affiliation, and you’ll find them playing at all 8 shows.

My message to you: destroy your boundaries.

Let us re-imagine your ideas of what music can be.

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