29 June – 16 July 2017

Lost Memories Dot Net

Created by Nina Freeman

In collaboration with Aaron Freedman

World premiere

MIF’s first ever game commission comes courtesy of one of the most innovative and individual video game designers working today. Based in Portland, Oregon, Nina Freeman has won huge renown for autobiographical video games such as Cibele, which draw strongly on her own life and experiences – and her new game for MIF17 is every bit as frank and intensely personal.

Lost Memories Dot Net harks back to the early 2000s, when Freeman was a young girl discovering the twin joys of online chat and creating websites. You’ll play a role based on the young Freeman, building both relationships and websites online while following a narrative that grows more intimate as the game goes on. Available to download from mif.co.uk/lostmemories during the Festival, Lost Memories Dot Net is a special work from a very singular talent.


Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival.

Photo: Nina Freeman’s home, Portland, Oregon, USA, January 2017
© Donald Christie