29 June – 16 July 2017

Manchester Street Poem


Free event

Thur 6 – Fri 14 July

10am - 6pm


World premiere

Visit the Manchester Street Poem website to view the live feed and hear the stories of Manchester’s homeless in their own voice.


Conceived by Karl Hyde and Rick Smith from Underworld, Manchester Street Poem will spotlight the stories of those who find themselves homeless in the city – in a work where the catch-all term ‘homeless’ will give way to individuality, identity and integrity.

Manchester Street Poem will bring to life the stories of people who are homeless in Manchester. The work is both fleeting performance and compelling installation: as Hyde covers the walls of the venue with words and phrases drawn from the streets, the space will fill with a powerful soundtrack built on snatches and fragments recorded by Smith all over the city.

Co-created by Underworld and individuals with personal experience of homelessness, Manchester Street Poem will proudly broadcast the voices of those who so often go unheard and ignored.


There will be 2 informal Q&A sessions where you visit Manchester Street Poem and chat to Karl and the co-producers on site about the work on Tue 11 July 1pm and Wed 12th July 5pm.

Artist talk:

Karl Hyde is in conversation with the Manchester Street Poem team at 2pm Saturday July 8 at The Stoller Hall. Tickets are £5 via Interdependence or call 0843 208 1840.

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Produced by Manchester International Festival. With thanks to Mustard Tree and the Manchester Homelessness Partnership.

Photo: Karl Hyde in Tokyo, Japan, March 2016