29 June – 16 July 2017

Party Skills for the End of the World

Centenary Building, Salford

Tue 27 June – Sun 16 July

Created by Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari
with Abigail Conway

World premiere

Are you ready for the party?

Storm clouds are gathering as the world teeters on the edge. It’s time to look at all the good things in life – and the fear that stops us enjoying them…

Party Skills for the End of the World is a wild, immersive show that will teach you how to get by when the end comes and it’s time to celebrate everything that’s made life worth living. Staged in a unique Salford building, it’s a site-specific show full of surprises, taking you on a wild ride into the depths of your imagination before sending you out into the night full of curiosity and wonder.

Party Skills for the End of the World has been created especially for MIF17 by Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari of cult theatre collective Shunt, one of the first groups to break out of theatres and make a new and exciting style of performance that defies categorisation. Along with the likes of Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema, Shunt have expanded the scope of immersive theatre so it becomes an adventure, a thought experiment, a party, a challenge – and, most of all, a unique and unforgettable night out.





Talk: Brave and Bold

Liz O’Neill (Z-arts), Sue Buckmaster (The Welcoming Party), Jane Davidson MBE (Scottish Opera, co-producers of BambinO) and Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari (creators of Party Skills for the End of the World) will all be offering insights into how they create original new work for children, young people and family audiences.

Pavilion Theatre, Fri 7 July, 1pm 

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Lizzie Clachan
Design Consultant
Abigail Conway, Bethany Wells
Marty Langthorne
Lighting Design
Ben & Max Ringham
Composition & Sound
Clara Darcy
David Castan de Amo
Guy Hargreaves
Alyssia Jarvis
Adonis Jenieco
Alexander Lee
Mark Thomas
Cynthia Emeagi
Graham Sowerby
David Morgan

Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival and Shoreditch Town Hall.