29 June – 16 July 2017


What if Women Ruled the World?

Created by Yael Bartana

World premiere


This timely and electrifying new art experiment ponders one of contemporary life’s great questions – what if women ruled the world?

At the end of his remarkable film Dr Strangelove, Stanley Kubrick foresaw a post-apocalyptic future in which dominant alpha males would repopulate the Earth, with ten women assigned to every man. Yael Bartana’s groundbreaking film and performance project, created with a team including performance director Vicky Featherstone and writer Abi Morgan, presents the opposite scenario, placing women in charge of a world in desperate need of a new vision.

In a war room, a group of 10 women will be confronted by some of the urgent crises of our time. Each night, a professional cast will be joined on stage by a different group of female experts: scientists, politicians, activists and thinkers of global reputation. Together, they will spend the evening trying to solve the global emergency as the clock ticks…


Vicky Featherstone
Performance Director
Abi Morgan
Saygel & Schreiber
Set Design
Jackie Shemesh
Lighting Design
Daniel Meir
Sound Design
Full cast to be announced

Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival and European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.