29 June – 16 July 2017

Party Skills for the End of the World

July 12, 2017

Young Identity’s poetic responses to Party Skills for the End of the World:


Party Skills for the End of the World

A crossbow for the crossroads
And Moonshine for the darkest
I’ve been hiding from the sun
Since dystopian prophecies were
born on the morning of the
summer solstice…or was it
Can’t remember-the embers of
the world’s end burn the same in
July and November.

Impending death gave me oranges and I peeled them,
didn’t practice surgery on their skin,
Extracted their juices,
coz I can’t sew and wince at wounds in the movies,
I’m useless,
Caressing bruises from all the times
I never made hours for
board games.

– Reece Williams



Building crossbows and
Using them to fire Insense
Into gaping wounds

-Joel Cordingley


Section 5(1)(b)

Making pepper spray is cool
until you learn that
it is illegal

– Joel Cordingley & Reece Williams


Home cooking 

Nothing can season
A roast or rapist, quite like
Mum’s best pepper spray

(Inspired by the homemade pepper spray workshop)

-Joella Todd



Party skills
Smoking kills
Pepper spray’s
A better way

– Roma


Fireworks and Farewells

Screams sound like music
Our end a supernova
Makes for good fireworks

-Joella Todd



Do something

If you wake up and do something.
Then you will have achieved one thing.
And you can stop wondering.
About the nature of everything.
And get on with it.

-Laurie Matt