MIF Equalities Data

MIF has responded to Theatre: #PullUpOrShutUp, the call to action for Black representation in British theatre, by collating and publishing data about our organisation.

Where no current data is available/applicable, data has been provided for MIF 2019. Please note that we are a cross-arts organisation and have included all artists and commissions in the statistics. We don’t have usable data covering 10 years, but we have included comparisons from 2015 where appropriate.

We acknowledge the need for more specific language and data in relation to race and ethnicity. Where possible, we have provided this and will be developing more detailed categorisation going forward. We are moving away from using the term Black Asian Minority Ethnic and where the data is not currently separated into specific categories, we have used the term ‘Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse’. We are working with colleagues to ensure better terminology. In relation to gender, Male includes Trans Male and Female includes Trans Female.


MIF 2019 Commissioned Artists

45% Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse Artists

55% White Artists

42% Female Artists

58% Male Artists

5% Disabled Artists


MIF 2015 Commissioned Artists

9% Black Asian and Ethnically Diverse Artists

91% White Artists

27% Female Artists

73% Male Artists

N/A Disabled Artists


NB MIF 2021 Commissioned Artists data will be available in July 21, and we will aim to produce more specific data for that Festival.  We will also produce more data for Research and Development projects.


MIF Board – current


29% Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse Board Members

71% White Board Members

41% Female Board Members

59% Male Board Members

6% Disclosed Disabled Board Members

18% LGBTQI+ Board Members


MIF Board 2015


8% Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse Board Members

92% White Board Members

31% Female Board Members

69% Male Board Members

N/A Disclosed Disabled Board Members

N/A LGBTQI+ Board Members


MIF permanent workforce – currently 73


29% Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse Staff (All Permanent Staff)

17% Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse Executive Team

15% Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse Senior Management Team

10% Disclosed disability Staff (All Permanent Staff)

0% Disclosed disability Executive Team

15% Disclosed disability Senior Management Team

71% Female Staff (All Permanent Staff)

50% Female Executive Team

69% Female Senior Management Team

21% LGBTQI+ Staff (All Permanent Staff)

33% LGBTQI+ Executive Team

23% LGBTQI+ Senior Management Team


MIF current permanent staff, detailed Ethnicity Statistics


Asian Bangladeshi                         1%

Asian British                                   3%

Any other Asian background       1%

Black British                                   3%

Caribbean                                       1%

East Asian Chinese                        3%

East Asian Japanese                      1%

White British                                  60%

White Irish                                     1%

Any other White background      8%

Mixed Heritage                             11%

White & Asian                               1%

White & Black British                    1%

White & Black Caribbean              1%

Prefer not to say                           1%


MIF Workforce 2015 – Permanent Staff Statistics


East Asian Chinese                        5%

Mixed Heritage                              5%

White British                                  85%

Any Other White Background    5%

Female                                            85%

Male                                                 15%

Disclosed Disability                      10%



Equalities Action Plan

MIF has a detailed Equalities Action Plan, which includes an Equalities Working Group, reporting to Executive and Board, and sub-groups with specific communities, including Race Representation Group, Pride (LGBTQI+) Group, Disability Access Group, and Socio-Economic/Class Group.

Following George Floyd’s murder, all staff have been meeting in special sessions co-chaired by members of the Executive and of Race Representation Group to discuss and implement a new action plan with the goal of ensuring that MIF is an effective anti-racist organisation, and to ensure active responses to systemic racism within the company, the sector and wider society. As a staff team from all backgrounds, we are committed to the ongoing importance of this work.