Animal Welfare

Animals of Manchester (including HUMANZ) looks at the relationships between species and how to improve them. We’ve created an autonomous zone that aspires to interspecies equality, acknowledges the interdependence of species and explores how human animals have evolved as companion species existing alongside other animals – not separately. Animal welfare is therefore of paramount importance to us.

The non-human animals participating in this project are either resident or regularly present in Whitworth Park (squirrels, pigeons, insects and microbes, as well as dogs and their human companions who frequently use the park); pets brought to the park by their human companions; or involved through collaborations with a number of organisations that work for the benefit and welfare of animals, including Dogs4Rescue, Withington Hedgehog Care Trust and Wythenshawe Community Farm. We’ve consulted with the RSPCA and continue to have ongoing discussions with our animal welfare consultant who will be onsite for both days of the event alongside a vet.

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