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BambinO follows a bird – Uccellina – who discovers an egg. The egg grows to a magical size. It hatches, revealing a baby bird – Pulcino – who takes Uccellina for his mother. He explores the world: Uccellina is initially overjoyed though passingly annoyed at his hyper-active behaviour! The pair reconcile quickly, elated to have found each other. 

There is a short pause in the story for ‘Intermission Music’, representing the sounds of the operatic interval. 

Back to the opera: Uccellina tells Pulcino of the sky and its wonders, and that it is his destiny to fly the nest. Although saddened at the thought of being separated, they are soon caught up in the excitement of his imminent flight. Ready to take to the skies, the birds sing a final duet of farewell. Pulcino takes flight and soars among the clouds and Uccellina ponders his journey. 

If you and your baby would like to listen again to BambinO, please download this free recording of the tender duet between the two birds, Uccellina and Pulcino.

The duet appears near the end of BambinO, and evokes classic Italian opera composers of the 19th century such as Donizetti. 

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