Atmospheric Memory by Morgan

Hi my name is Morgan and I am part of creative critics Manchester International Festival 2019. My first impression of the performance “atmospheric memory” was surprising because I didn’t expect it to be as interactive as it was. When I entered the tunnel of 3000 speakers, which all played different sounds, I was excited to see the main piece of work.

I liked when we were sat on the bean bags and looking at the things on the ceiling. I also liked it when we spoke into the speaker and the thing we said appeared in smoke on a grid.

I didn’t like the part when we looked into the barrel and it shown us a video of someone throat which I found disgusting.  I also didn’t like the part when the camera videoed us and shown us around the room.

I recommend this for people of all ages because it’s a very engaging piece of work and has things everyone can take part in.

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