Invisible Cities by Erin

My first thought of Invisible Cites was quite opened minded as I didn’t know what expect.  The scenery was quite large and complicated but gave really good effects for the performance.

The performance was a dark, loud and confusing. It was based on book Travels in the Land of Kubilai Khan by Marco polo. It was a moving performance that makes you think. It had good dancing and good speaking with great actors.

The seats in the My field station could have been comfier as it was giving me back ache. The sound could have been quieter as a got a head ache with how loud it was. The pole that were in front of the seats were really annoying as it was in the way of the performance so couldn’t see all of it.

I felt uncomfortable as there was people there who thought just because they were posh that they was better than us and was looking down to us children like we were nothing. So it made me wary of what I was doing.

I would recommend this to old people or people who like dark mysterious performances.

The price of the tickets was unreasonable as I don’t think its £35 worth act the most I would pay for it would be £25 and that’s a push and that’s not because I didn’t like it because I did just because of the seating and viewing wasn’t good enough so it knocked down the price as it was a 90 minute show.


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