Invisible Cities by Jake

My first thought of Invisible Cities was quite sceptical, this was purely because of the venue the Mayfield Train Station. It seemed very old and frightening and somewhere you wouldn’t expect a performance to be held.

When I first entered the warehouse, it was gloomy, dirty and chilly the only lighting you had was the fairy lights that guided you around the outside of the seating areas and the lights that were only used during the show, so it’s a tripping hazard and it also has uneven flooring.

Shortly after, we had been seated all the lights were turned off and the projectors began to show scenes of the description from the book. After the projections had stopped playing, the curtains retracted and scene 1 began to play, it was very had to see the performance when it was located in the centre of the floor because of the massive pillar was blocking the view you had to lean over the other person to see what was happening. Each scene lasted about 15-20 minutes and there were 6 scenes. The seating was very uncommentable and gave you a really sore back, they caused us loads of discomfort and it was hard to concentrate on the performance whilst you were feeling sore.

After the show had ended, all the lights came on and the performers came to the front of the seating areas and bowed in front of you, we all clapped and applauded. The amount of the show we could see was amazing, the king was the best actor in the whole show, he had a loud and fluent voice. He was by far the best part of the show.

I would recommend the show to higher class people and adults, it doesn’t seem like something kids would enjoy nor sit still through. It is definitely a show that seems to be based to adults and not kids. I would say that the tickets should be about £25-30 due to the uncomfortable atmosphere it had.

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