Invisible Cities by Kaydon

The show is about a ruthless king who leads an empire. The king then meets a poor man who came to the king to give his home to him as a present. Later on the poor man tells and shows the king these different cities unlike anything at all. But the poor man tricks the king into giving him the key for his father and uncle to be set free. But the king tells the poor man he doesn’t know what door he needs and only the king knows where it is. That’s what I can remember.

I thought the show was amazing. How the dancers moved around, how they used their surroundings and props. I really loved how the king moved and talked, he talked with a very loud and rumbling voice like how a real king would speak. I also loved how they would move around with each other, sometimes they would link arms and legs to create a sort of monster.

I think they could’ve improved on the timing because sometimes they would take a step and the sound would go off a second later. I also think they could’ve gotten better chairs because my back did start to hurt by the end of the story.

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