Invisible Cities by Matthew

The show was based on a fearless empire with a king who sits at his throne waiting for war. A man ran in being chased by the king’s guards from another country who left his family to come to the king’s village to give him a present. The present was explained to the king using a type of hallucination to make the dead seem as they live in their own invisible cities hidden in plain sight.

I thought the show was amazingly presented and well put together since being set in an abandoned warehouse. I enjoyed the show but as much as I enjoyed it the seats could be improved also some of the noises were really loud and deafening and could maybe made a bit less noisy. A lot of the show was fantastically presented and was but due to the ware house being flipped from an abandoned factory into an art centre were a festival show is being held the people who created the show have tried their best and the performers tried their best at creating good content.

The first thing they could have improved on is making the chairs a lot comfier and make the noise during the performance.

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