Factory Futures – register now!

Factory Futures: Broadcast & Film Production, is a training programme dedicated to helping Manchester residents to gain skills and experience in broadcast, digital, and film and TV production.

If you’re a Greater Manchester resident aged 19 or over with an interest in starting a new career, you can register now for this free programme– particularly if you’ve had fewer opportunities to get started in the creative industries and/or you’re from a background that’s currently underrepresented in the sector. No previous experience is required: the programme is open to all.

For more details and to register, read on…

What is the Broadcast & Film Production programme?

Factory Futures: Broadcast & Film Production is an extensive free training programme designed to help you develop essential skills and real-world knowledge in developing media, production, filming, editing and visual effects (VFX) for film, TV, digital and other creative industries.

Ten participants in the programme will gain invaluable experience at a leading production company or studio, building a new network of peers and professional contacts. There are no fees to pay for any part of the programme, and we’ll fully cover your expenses.

What does the programme involve?

Ten participants will be selected for an eight-week Factory Futures Traineeship (January-March 2022), which will include a bespoke five-week placement with one of 10 leading production companies and studios in Greater Manchester.

What is The Factory Academy?

The Factory Academy was launched in 2018 by Manchester International Festival (MIF) to deliver training for people looking to start new careers in the cultural and creative industries. Factory Futures is The Factory Academy’s new series of entry-level training programmes for people from all backgrounds – and the Broadcast & Film Production programme is a key part of this series.

The Factory Academy will eventually be based at The Factory, a world-class cultural space currently being built in the heart of Manchester.

Who can take part?

The programme is open to anyone aged 19 and over and resident in Greater Manchester. You must have an interest in working behind the scenes in the creative industries, but you don’t need to have any experience in this area – the scheme is open to all.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from individuals from backgrounds or social groups that are currently underrepresented in the creative industries – including those from within South Asian communities (particularly Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani), African and Caribbean communities, and the Deaf/Disabled communities, as well as individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Will I gain any qualifications?

All those who complete the Traineeship will receive a BTEC Introductory Award in Digital Media.

Will I be compensated for my time?

All participants will receive bursaries to cover travel and lunch expenses as well as receiving a training allowance.

How can I take part?

Registrations for the Factory Futures: Broadcast & Film Production training programme are open now! So if you are…

  • Aged 19 and over
  • Living in Greater Manchester
  • Passionate about film/TV, music, art and/or theatre
  • Motivated to learn new skills
  • Respectful of people from all backgrounds

… We want to meet you! Head to the link below to complete your registration. Registrations close on 12 January 2022.

What students say about Broadcast & Film Production

"Having the opportunity to create content and most importantly the experience I was given to be on a film set, has helped me open new doors within the industry and has brought me closer to what I want to do"

“The access and the resources that The Factory Academy gives to be able to apply for these jobs is just so important. I completed the Broadcast & Film Training Academy and got a BTEC out of it, was selected for a placement and then they invited me back so I’m working full time now. There was nothing else that I had on my resume that could even get me close to a job like this.”