Factory Academy trainee in office

Kickstart Creative is The Factory Academy’s new high-quality, employer-led training programme. Launched in March 2021, it’s expressly designed to complement the government’s Kickstart Scheme, which provides funding to create new job placements for young people on Universal Credit.

This page contains guidance for employers in the creative industries who are interested in learning more about Kickstart Creative and may like to sign up to take part in the scheme. If you’re a young person looking for information about how you can register to take part in a future Kickstart Training Academy, please visit this page.

Kickstart Creative – Information for employers

Kickstart Creative is a new high-quality, employer-led training programme, created by The Factory Academy and designed to complement the government’s Kickstart Scheme. When combined with students’ on-the-job learning, Kickstart Creative provides essential wraparound experiential learning and unique opportunities for personal development.

The Factory Academy has designed Kickstart Creative to ensure that all of the skills and knowledge that students acquire through the programme will be adaptable and transferable to a variety of opportunities within the creative industries – and beyond.

The programme is designed to boost students’ employability and self-confidence both during and beyond their six-month Kickstart Scheme employment. Kickstart students will also benefit from The Factory Academy’s unique Managing Creative Projects initiative, which introduces students to basic project management principles, tools and terminologies alongside their more specialist training.

If you and/or your organisation is interested in receiving a free copy of our detailed Kickstart Creative prospectus for potential employers, please contact katy.egandaynes@mif.co.uk, Skills and Training Coordinator for The Factory Academy, and we’ll send you a free copy.