We’re celebrating the birth of Manchester and Salford’s newest residents in an extraordinary new public art event by artist Luke Jerram; and it’s all happening on the site of The Factory, the new year-round home of MIF, opening in 2023.

Hundreds of babies will be born in Manchester and Salford in January 2023. First Breath will project bright beams of light from the ground to the sky, celebrating the first gasp of breath, while welcoming The Factory to the city.

Each evening in January, we’ll celebrate new births with a bright column of pulsing light and then we’ll be connecting with families throughout the first five years of the child’s life, creating a moment of celebration in their shared milestones and introducing art and culture to everyday life from their first breath.

We’ll be hosting birthday parties, early learning activities and social events to meet and support other parents. Each family will also become lifelong Members of The Factory – providing priority booking for family events, exclusive invitations plus much more!

If you’re from Manchester or Salford and expecting a child in January 2023 then sign up now to take part in First Breath. We’d like to hear from expectant parents from all backgrounds and pregnancy journeys.

How to take part:

Complete the form below or email FirstBreath@mif.co.uk or call 0161 388 6689

About Luke Jerram

Jerram’s practice is universal and wonderous. He always sparks the imagination in a big way, making us all central to the experience. There was Park and Slide in Bristol, where 360 golden ticket holders – selected by ballot – coasted down a street converted into a waterslide as more than 60,000 cheered them on.

For Play Me, I’m Yours, Jerram has installed more than 2,000 street pianos across the world – from parks to airports and stations – offering players and passers-by impromptu moments of human connection.

Museum of the Moon has travelled to more 30 countries and mesmerised over 10 million people in different settings, both indoors and outdoors. The lunar installation prompts both personal reflection and a collective contemplation about the night sky, outer space and what it all means.

"First Breath was inspired by the birth of my daughter, Maya back in 2006,” says Jerram. “So it's taken 16 years to be able to realise this artwork! I'm really looking forward to meeting many of the expectant families involved with this arts project and helping them celebrate this shared milestone in their lives."