Saturday Summits

Join us at MIF19 for our weekly Interdependence summits: Utopia Now!, Future Myths & Life Hacked.

Each of the three Saturday summits during the Festival focuses on three global challenges, exploring bridges from ideas to real-world change.  

Our first summit Utopia Now! is a day of practical advice on how to completely change the world, from rebooting democracy to ending inequality and averting climate catastrophe. Speakers range from ex-Presidents to community activists, from  radical bakers to internationally acclaimed artists. We are especially delighted to host the LEx Elders to launch the UK Lived Experience Movement (LEx Move), a growing network of social leaders driving positive social change in the UK and beyond.

Our second summit Future Myths is dedicated to storytelling. Speakers include legendary Kenyan writer Ngugi Wa’Thiongo in conversation with poet Lemn Sissay. And we are thrilled to bring gal-dem to Manchester for the first time. The celebrated magazine created by women and non-binary people of colour have put together an unmissable all-star afternoon that includes authors Emma Dabiri and Hussein Kesvani, poet Momtaza Mehri and comedian Sophie Duker

Our final summit Life Hacked is a day of deep exploration of our technological present and future. Meet the creators conjuring new realities and building new worlds and the critical thinkers asking today’s urgent social and political questions.  Speakers include internet pioneer Dame Wendy Hall, author Aaron Bastani, roboticist Professor Ram Ramamoorthy, critical engineer Julian Oliver and VR pioneer Jessica Brillhart. Live demonstrations by TEM, Marshmallow Laser Feast and RSC & Magic Leap.

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