‘A huge positive impact in my Artistic Development, it has taken my practice to a higher level’ Amy Lawrence

‘A unique opportunity to gain insights into the creative process, partners, production and distribution of work at an international level’  Erinma Ochu

In 2017 MIF offered six Greater Manchester based artists an opportunity to be embedded within the Festival and its major commissions over a period of six months. The successful applicants – profiled below – spanned artistic disciplines, practice and experience and each was financially and pastorally supported to be embedded within the MIF teams in the run up to and during the 2017 Festival.

Thanks to the generosity of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation MIF is again able to offer six Creative Fellowships for MIF19. Each Fellowship will offer:

  • an observational training attachment to the making and delivery of a MIF19 commission (we expect individuals to spend in the region of 4 to 6 weeks from February to July 2019 on this attachment)
  • opportunities to develop new professional experience and knowledge – for example, of a different art form or a different scale of work
  • financial support for time taken to undertake the attachment, via a bursary of up to £3,000
  • opportunity to visit a MIF associated international company
  • a cohort of other Fellows to develop and share learning with
  • opportunities to share learning with the wider creative community in the city
  • an opportunity to interact with the festival team and develop understanding and insight into MIF activity

More information can be found below.

Applications for the 2019 programme are now closed and the Fellowships will be announced soon.

‘One of the best things to happen in my career. That fact that this was a paid opportunity really helped me to not have to worry always about generating income and I could focus on professional development for a while.’  Chanje Kunda

‘It’s taught me a lot about the various art forms and techniques that I can incorporate into my own practice’ Hafsah Bashir

‘I had a lack of confidence in an idea to create an artistic hub to explore innovative ways for co-creation to make a project that I am preparing to produce next year for Japan Day 2018. After my Fellowship I now have full faith in my idea because I witnessed how these creative and innovative collaborations are effective in a very positive and productive way.’ Mahboobeh Rajabi

‘I looked back at my practice and I got more self confidence that I can take my work in higher levels. I gained more knowledge by learning from the commission I was attached to. It’s been a huge pleasure, a life and career affirming experience that has inspired so many ideas and generated so much momentum within me that I feel like I will be working for years to come.’ Simon Bray

Get involved

Every year thousands of people take part in Manchester International Festival – as volunteers and participants in shows, skills development workshops, creative activities or even as planners of their own micro-international Festivals for their friends and neighbors.

This year we’ve launched My Festival, a new creative community for MIF and a way of keeping up to date with (and helping shape) what MIF is doing locally. It’s a way of connecting with MIF, and all of our brilliant local contributors, year-round.

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