Flamenco Persia

Sarah Chambers
María Delgado Yañez
John Walsh
Gülçin Bulut
Erdoğan Bayir
Tamam Hulya Palya

Samson Yitbareck

Charlie Watts

Sarah Chambers hosted traditional Turkish songs and the hypnotic lyricism of Spanish flamenco, connecting Turkey to Andalucía in a unique fusion of sounds and cultures.
Neighbours and friends joined Spanish flamenco artists María Delgado Yañez and John Walsh, and Turkish artists Gülçin Bulut and Erdoğan Bayir for a special musical collaboration, blending the passion of flamenco with classical Turkish styles. The evening also featured energetic flamenco dance, rhythmic hand clapping, ending with delicious Spanish and Turkish meze and an inspiring artist conversation.

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