Hidden Shelters


Decaying Spheres
Tim Crompton
John Douglas
Elizabeth Vince
Lightspeed Film

Decaying Spheres

‘I want to live – and I want to taste what freedom means when you are gay’ – Medhi, Syrian refugee

As part of MIF’s Festival in My House series, John, Tim and Lizzie (Decaying Spheres) invited neighbours and friends to their home in Failsworth, Oldham for a unique artwork highlighting the LGBT international refugee and homeless epidemic.

In a darkened room, visitors heard the voices of LGBT refugees and homeless talking about their lives – their childhoods, the persecution they’ve faced, their hopes for the future – interwoven with field recordings and new ambient music. In a world of bias and misinformation, these refugees told their truths.

A special thanks to the Albert Kennedy Trust and Safe Place International for their support and guidance.

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