Helen Finan invited neighbours aged over 50 to her home in Flixton, Trafford for a journey into virtual reality (VR), a computer-generated 3D world that offers a unique experience of sensory immersion. Visitors had the option to choose an adventure, explore, relax or create something in virtual reality – and all without leaving a sofa in Trafford… Each participant had never tried VR technology and took part in a creative conversation in the Green Room to explore their individual experience and the future of VR over a cup of tea.

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Every year thousands of people take part in Manchester International Festival – as volunteers and participants in shows, skills development workshops, creative activities or even as planners of their own micro-international Festivals for their friends and neighbors.

This year we’ve launched My Festival, a new creative community for MIF and a way of keeping up to date with (and helping shape) what MIF is doing locally. It’s a way of connecting with MIF, and all of our brilliant local contributors, year-round.

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