Utopolis Manchester

Do you live, own, work at or run a space in Manchester city centre or the top of Oxford Road? We are looking for a network of people to host an exciting element of Rimini Protokoll’s hugely ambitious Utopolis Manchester in their home or place of work.Your space might be a café, a shop, a hair salon, a reception desk, a studio, a newsagent, a boxing gym: any space where people meet or come together, and that’s large enough for a group of 10 people to gather.From the end of April, each Host will work with Rimini Protokoll to create new audio material for the show. Then, during the event (10-13 July), Hosts will welcome audience members into their spaces across the city, before sending them out on their journeys.If your space falls within the red area outlined on our map below (click to see full area) and you would like to find out more, please register your interest via this online form