A Conversation for Change

We started A Conversation for Change to mobilise senior leaders from organisations across Manchester. We sought to start a conversation, beyond tired diversity policies, that unapologetically confronts the lack of equality and equity in society. Lehin Adenaken - member of MIF's Young People's Forum

In response to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement across the World, the MIF Young People’s Forum, a collective of individuals from Greater Manchester aged between 16 and 28, came together in July to explore how to effect change within the arts sector in Manchester. 

The first step was an event which brought together industry leaders and other voices from across the cultural sector in Manchester to celebrate the solidarity shown by the Black community, discuss positive actions that have been taken by businesses and other organisations, and consider how and where to inspire change.

At the heart of the event were five brilliant young people who showcased their activism expressed through a variety of different disciplines and art forms. 

A representative from Manchester arts organisation 53Two said:

We listened to the young people speak passionately, eloquently & brilliantly about how arts organisations have a huge responsibility to see the Black Lives Matter movement drive change across the board, for equality… These young adults were incredible. It was an honour to be included & to share how we can all take necessary steps to make meaningful changes.”

As part of the follow-up activity the Young People’s Forum have organised an anonymous survey, to gather more feedback on specific questions from local people working in the sector. The results will be collated along with the learning from the A Conversation for Change event, which will help inform the development of a creative manifesto designed by the Young People’s Forum.

So proud to be an extremely small part of getting this event together with Manchester International Festival and our Young People's Forum. The energy was huge and I hope that the change is too! Josh Wilkinson, member of MIF Young People's Forum