Relive DYSTOPIA987

Deep, dark, radical and riveting: Skepta’s immersive DYSTOPIA987 was one of the highlights of MIF19 – ‘a euphoric success’ in the five-star words of the MEN.

The sell-out show ended ten days ago – but you can watch on our live site here, and also find artist interviews, BBC broadcasts from the Festival and much more.


Photo credit: Jordan Hughes

Post-Festival blues? Created for MIF19 by the brilliant Paloma Dawkins, Songs of the Lost is a magic-realist game odyssey through a surreal and absurd digital landscape – an immersive journey to Apocabliss, the last safe haven… Featuring new music from Jlin, who delivered an extraordinary live set as one of the Festival’s Queens of the Electronic Underground, Songs of the Lost is available to download and play here.

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