Local people help Heiner happen

15 local people helped to create 2018’s pre-Factory event, Everything that happened and would happen, acting as stand-ins for actors at rehearsals and working closely with Heiner Goebbels whilst he created this striking production.  We asked them what they thought of the process…

Bringing together live music, performance, sound, movement and image on the site of Mayfield, a former railway station in Manchester, Heiner GoebbelsEverything that happened and would happen was a re-enactment of history, a contradictory, non-linear world lurching from the crisis of conflict to the promise of peace as 100 years pass by.

Superlatives are not always useful but I don’t know how not to be in this case. Heiner’s work is unlike any work I have seen before and is stunning. The show is 21st Century, futurist, projected fantasy. It is unlike anything you will see in the real world. Everybody must see it. In terms of my own professional development, it has empowered me. I want to work with digital projection, lighting, shadows and prose. I have been shortlisted for HOME’s PUSH commission and I intend to propose experimenting with Projection prosaic text, and shadow work as a direct result of being privy to seeing Heiner’s work.” Chanje

I felt so looked after and part of the MIF family, the other volunteers have now become friends and to help contribute a small part to Heiner's vision – well thats just priceless! Kate

“Being a university student and developing artist who is just starting out, this has been the most valuable and exciting opportunity for me. Not only did I work with a great team of people but made friends along the way. The whole experience has made very motivated to succeed in my final year of university and continue to keep myself involved with MIF, so maybe one day after finishing university, I could start a career there alongside the lovely people I met through this experience.” Kelsie


Privilege is an overworked noun…except in this case. Thank you for an extraordinary opportunity…..a privilege to be given the opportunity to work with yourselves, Heiner and his team, the techies, be a small part of a creative process and not least of all with Vinnie, Millicent, Kate, Kelsie and Chanje………and not to mention make my debut as an accordion player at Mayfield!” Peter

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