MIF Originals: Polyglot Radio



Listening time: 35 minutes

As long as he’s been a novelist, Adam Thirlwell has been thinking about translation. In Episode 1 of MIF Originals, a new podcast series from Manchester International Festival, Adam looks for answers to some of the questions that have troubled him. Is it possible for literature to be truly international? Who and where is your best reader? How much is endangered and risked when language is translated? What is the original, and what is the copy? And how could radio be made multilingual?

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We strongly recommend that you listen to this episode in headphones.

Contributors include writer Alejandro Zambra and international lawyer Philippe Sands. With music from Vicky Clarke and Mira Calix.

Hosted by Isaiah Hull. Produced by Jack Howson. A Reduced Listening and Manchester International Festival production.

Five Prophecies – © Adam Thirlwell

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