MIF Originals: Alphabus



Listening time: 18 minutes

The final episode of MIF Originals explores if (and how) poetry and dance can combine to create something original. Isaiah Hull, our host for this series, was one of four poets that co-wrote the production Alphabus. Working with three dancers from the New York company FlexN and three dancers from Manchester they created a new show for MIF19 that combined poetry and movement to tell the story of a child rebelling against his father, based on the myth of Icarus and Daedalus.

Enlisting the help of Billie Meredith, a fellow poet and Yandass Ndlovu, a dancer in the show, Isaiah breaks down some of the processes that they used and questions – were they successful at creating something original?

Hosted by Isaiah Hull

Music by Vicky Clarke and Epic B

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell

A Reduced Listening and Manchester International Festival production

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