MIF Originals: The School of Integration



Listening time: 26 minutes

Welcome to your first day at the School of Integration. This episode is all about sharing knowledge across cultural divides. When people arrive in a new country they are usually expected to learn the customs and languages of the host culture, but what if the tables were turned?

Cuban artist Tania Bruguera acknowledges that integration is a two-way street and gives us the chance to learn from people who have moved to Manchester and made it their home.

On the curriculum are lessons by the Congolese drummer and community leader Pat Mackela, who asks is marriage a topic for the 21st Century? Mei Yuk Wong, an artist from Hong Kong discusses the art of protest, and Iranian writer Shahireh Sharif shares the forward thinking insights of Shahnameh, an epic Persian poem written over a thousand years ago.

Don’t forget your homework!

Hosted by Isaiah Hull. Music by Vicky Clarke. Produced by Rebecca Gaskell.

A Reduced Listening and Manchester International Festival production.


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