Access Policy

Manchester International Festival (MIF) believes in enabling everyone to share in what we do, on an equal basis and with dignity and respect.

MIF aims to meet everyone’s access requirements. We create accessible performances wherever possible, explore new approaches to integrated access and work hard to ensure that all our venues are as accessible as they can be.

MIF is the world’s first festival of original, new work and special events. In keeping with this, wherever possible we embrace creative approaches and employ innovative techniques to create experiences that redefine the possibilities of accessible performance.

We are committed to learning, testing new approaches and continually improving our access offer.

As part of our commitment to this belief, MIF has adopted an Access Policy as laid out below.

For the purposes of this document, ‘disability’ is understood in its broadest sense, and covers all the disabilities within the scope of the Equality Act 2010.


These are the aims we’re working towards through our Access Action Plan:

  • Everyone can access and enjoy Manchester International Festival events and/or work, collaborate, participate or volunteer with us on an equal basis.
  • Disabled people are not treated less favourably by MIF for a reason relating to their disability than others to whom that reason doesn’t apply.
  • We take all reasonable steps to provide auxiliary aids and services to enable disabled people to make use of our services or work with us.
  • Disabled people feel as valued and have as positive an experience of our services as anyone else we interact with.
  • Disabled people are fairly represented across the work we commission, in our workforce and in our governance structure.
  • At MIF, accessibility is seen as a creative opportunity. We actively encourage artists to explore and integrate new access approaches within their work.
  • Equal access as a guiding principle is part of our everyday thinking and embedded in all areas of our organisation.


Here’s how we’re working to achieve these aims:

  • We offer discounts for disabled people and can provide a Personal Assistant ticket free of charge if you require one.
  • We provide up-to-date access information and details of MIF access performances on our website and enable people to join our Access Mailing List by setting up an MIF account and selecting their access preferences.
  • We offer online booking for all access performances and all types of access tickets. You can book online from any MIF event page.
  • We have a dedicated Access telephone number (0333 322 8679 – option 2) and email address ( where you can contact us about anything to do with specific access requirements or MIF access performances.
  • We provide training in disability awareness and etiquette to our core staff and as part of our volunteer induction.
  • We ensure that all staff are aware of this policy and can answer queries about access at MIF.
  • We have developed an Access Action Plan to help us continually improve access at MIF, and the progress of this is reviewed and monitored regularly by our staff and board.
  • We have a dedicated Access Coordinator who works specifically to embed access in everything we do and champions the importance of access across the organisation.
  • We have established an Access Working Group within MIF to drive forward our commitment to access in everything we do.
  • We aim to have an Access Steward at our large-scale events to act as a point of contact for access bookers and provide assistance as needed.
  • We’re transparent about our process – due to the nature of many of our commissions and the way they’re developed, we can’t always provide full access information from the moment events are announced, but we make sure that online information is always as up-to-date as possible.
  • We are establishing a Disabled People’s Engagement Group for The Factory to ensure that the voices of disabled people are heard during the build and fit-out of the building.
  • We have an inclusive casting / commissioning policy to ensure that disabled artists and performers are fairly represented across MIF.

We welcome specific access enquiries – you can email us on or call our dedicated access number on 0333 322 8679 (option 2).

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