Please see below a summary of our Commitments and aims for Environmental Sustainability at MIF.

MIF commitment to the following:

  • To develop a path to zero-carbon activity by 2025 and to put in place a plan to ‘pay back’ carbon expenditure on the venue
  • To inspire audiences to think and act more sustainably through our artistic programme, community engagement and in-venue behaviour and innovations
  • To work with industry partners to test and pilot innovative sustainability technology in The Factory.
  • To develop international training programmes delivered in a number of countries across a range of fields including producing, creative engagement, digital innovation, sustainable production
  • To develop models of sustainable production and transportation to support MIF’s international work
  • To develop modules of sustainability training through Factory Academy – developing excellence in engagement.

MIF aims to support seven of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

We are committed to supporting the ambitions of the Paris Agreement of December 2015 to limit global temperature rise to below 2C against pre-industrial levels. We are committed to the UK Climate Change Act and targets set out in the Manchester City Council (MCC) and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) environmental strategies.

Through the Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (MAST), MIF is a member of the Manchester Climate Change Partnership which has produced the Manchester City Council Climate Change Action Plan 2020-25.

Policy updated: January 2021
Next review date: January 2022