Sustainability Policy

Manchester International Festival (MIF) defines sustainability as running in a commercially successful way whilst contributing towards a stronger and more just society and reducing impact on the environment. This is the best practice definition as outlined by the ISO20121 framework, the International Standard for Sustainable Event Management.

MIF is committed to sustainable development and aims to ensure that all employees of the Festival strive to:

  • maximise the positive effects the Festival can have on local communities;
  • maximise the positive effects the Festival can have on local economies;
  • minimise the negative environmental impact of the organization and its events.

To achieve this MIF will establish and follow a set of procedures to improve sustainable event management both internally and externally, including:

  • identifying key sustainability issues for MIF;
  • monitoring sustainability at MIF and setting key performance indicators and targets for each Festival;
  • identifying and providing resources necessary to ensure improving sustainability at MIF;
  • providing training for key persons involved in the sustainable event management of MIF;
  • engaging with key stakeholders and suppliers on sustainability issues.

MIF’s commitment to sustainable event management will extend across the full event life cycle, from planning and implementation to final evaluation and review.

MIF aims to make sustainability a key consideration in all decisions directly under our control. Where elements of events are delivered externally, by suppliers or external producers, MIF staff will endeavour to use their influence to increase the importance of sustainability in delivery of those elements.


The responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation and operation of this policy will rest with Senior Management, who will ensure that they and their staff operate within the policy and that all reasonable steps are taken to promote sustainable event management within the organisation.

A working group has been established to drive and manage Sustainable Event Management across the organisation and includes representatives from all MIF departments.

Each manager will ensure that all their staff are aware of the policy and arrangements and the reasons for the policy and that all reasonable and practical steps are taken to avoid unsustainable practice.

It is the responsibility of the Sustainability Champions, overseen by the Technical Director, to maintain a record of documents and relevant communications with regard to the sustainability of MIF 2019.

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