The Life and Death of Marina Abramović

Visually stunning, musically captivating and surprisingly warm, witty and human, this three-hour epic saw Marina Abramović hand her life, work and legacy over to legendary director Robert Wilson for him to remake entirely. Drawing audiences from all over the world to witness what was neither theatre, opera nor art, but a thrilling crossbreed of all three, The Life and Death featured spellbinding performances from all involved, including Hollywood mainstay Willem Dafoe, musician Anohni and Abramović. A life-changing experience for audiences and participants alike.

‘What unfolded was a series of masterly scenes. Stunningly lit with a coruscating soundtrack and a sublimely tender score… the tragiccomic vignettes flow gorgeously past your eyes and ears. By the end, the audience are on their feet. Many will have come here already aware they were entering the presence of genius. For those of us who discovered it for the first time, the night was even more special.’ The Independent

Commissioned by Manchester International Festival and Teatro Real Madrid with Theater Basel, Art Basel, Holland Festival and Salford City Council. Produced by Manchester International Festival, Teatro Real Madrid and The Lowry. With thanks to Gerard Mortier for his collaboration and support.

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