The Life and Death of Marina Abramović

Sat 9 July, 2011

Sat 16 July, 2011

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Robert Wilson, Marina Abramović, Anonhi, Willem Defoe

Visually stunning, musically captivating and surprisingly warm, witty and human, this three-hour epic saw Marina Abramović hand her life, work and legacy over to legendary director Robert Wilson for him to remake entirely. Drawing audiences from all over the world to witness what was neither theatre, opera nor art, but a thrilling crossbreed of all three, The Life and Death featured spellbinding performances from all involved, including Hollywood mainstay Willem Dafoe, musician Anohni and Abramović. A life-changing experience for audiences and participants alike.

Commissioned by Manchester International Festival and Teatro Real Madrid with Theater Basel, Art Basel, Holland Festival and Salford City Council. Produced by Manchester International Festival, Teatro Real Madrid and The Lowry. With thanks to Gerard Mortier for his collaboration and support.



Image Credit: Lucie Jansch

Direction, Set Design and lighting concept by Robert Wilson

Co-created with Marina Abramović

Musical director, composer, lyricist — Anonhi

Composer — William Basinski

Composer and Lyricist— Svetlana Spajic

Costumes — Jacques Reynaud

Associate Director — Ann-Christin Rommen

Lighting Design — AJ Weissbard

Dramaturg — Wolfgang Wiens

Sound Design — Nick Sagar

Make-Up Design — Joey Cheng

Video Design — Tomasz Jeziorski

Music Supervision & Music Mix — Dan Bora

Set Design Assistant — Annick Lavallée-Benny

Assistant Costume Design — Julia von Leliwa

Assistant Director — Thomas Hescott



Marina Abramovic, Ivan Civic, Amanda Coogan, Willem Dafoe, Andrew Gilchrist, Antony, lke Luyten, Christopher Nell, Kira O’Reilly, Antony Rizzi, Carlos Soto, Svetlana Spajic, Svetlana Spajic Group (Minja Nikolic, Zorana Bantic, Dragana Tomic)



Guitar, clarinet and percussion — Doug Wieselman

Piano, repetiteur and percussion — Gael Rakotondrabe

Electronics, electronic percussion and percussion — Matmos

Guitar and bass — Oren Bloedow

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