Musician and producer Chris Clark has built a peerless body of work over the last decade and a half, covering everything from TV soundtracks and art installations to eight albums for the ever-influential Warp Records. Now based in Berlin, Clark rarely plays live in Manchester, which made this one-off MIF17 exclusive, featuring dancers and choreography from Melanie Lane, a must-see for fans of his dark, dystopian and restlessly inventive electronica. The evening opened with a DJ set from Manchester post-bass heroes Indigo and Synkro, collectively known as Akkord.


‘The noise stopped, stalled and slithered back and forth like a deprogrammed HAL before reconstituting itself in a climax that is more of a welcome back to planet earth than an adrenalin rush that leaves you up in the air’State of the Arts

Curated by Mary Anne Hobbs for MIF17, Dark Matter was eight immersive shows from pioneering national, international and Manchester-based musicians.  

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