We Need to Talk About Power

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a double Academy Award-winning film-maker and the creator of HOME1947 at MIF17, marking 70 years since the partition of British India. Obaid-Chinoy’s most recent film, The Girl in the River, provoked Pakistan’s Prime Minister to declare ‘there is no honour in honour killing’. ‘That,’ she says, ‘is the power of film.’ Angelina Jolie has said of Obaid-Chinoy’s work that she gives ‘voice to those who cannot be heard, she celebrates the strength and resilience of those fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds — and winning.’ Obaid-Chinoy joined us to talk about the remarkable HOME1947 and what motivates her fearless campaigning. Obaid-Chinoy was in conversation with acclaimed broadcaster and historian David Olusoga.

Lubaina Himid, who has created the unique set for Interdependence, gave an illustrated talk on art, power, black history and identity. Born in Zanzibar and based in Britain, Himid is an artist and educator who was a leader in the British Black Arts Movement of the 1980s, a pivotal decade for British culture and politics. Following shows this year in Oxford, Spike Island, Bristol, and Nottingham, Himid has been nominated for this year’s Turner Prize.

Bad Language, the multi-award-winning, Manchester-based live literature team, and FutureEverything, the award-winning lab for digital culture, joined forces to ask ‘What Can We Demand of the Digital Age?’ This special literature event explored the relationship between power and digital culture at a time when we need to reinvent the role of narrative to suit our rapidly evolving, technologically mediated society. With contributions from Andrew O’Hagan, the acclaimed author and journalist; Deanna Rodger, a leading spoken-word artist and the curator of Come Rhyme With Me, and anthropologist and author of The Divide Jason Hickel.

We Need to Talk About Power was part of Interdependence: We Need to Talk, six themed sessions of provocative conversation and new ideas staged every Saturday during MIF17.


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