No End to Enderby

Director Graham Eatough and artist Stephen Sutcliffe paid suitably ingenious tribute to one of Manchester’s most original minds in this unique installation, which blended visual art and film drama in homage to the great Anthony Burgess.

No End to Enderby was centred on two new films inspired by Burgess’s ‘Enderby’ series: Inside Mr Enderby, in which a school trip travels back in time to pay desultory homage to the title character, a dead poet; and The Muse, in which a young historian journeys to a parallel universe to investigate whether Shakespeare really wrote everything credited to him. Presented here with some of the original sets for the films, both shot this year in Manchester, No End to Enderby explores issues of artistry, authenticity and posterity in a playful fashion of which Burgess would surely have approved.


‘No End to Enderby is funny, absurd, serious and playful. Its tone somewhere between reverence and self-ridicule, it stays faithful to Burgess’s flamboyantly expressive dialogue’ Frieze


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