Captioning the city main image

[the sound of the sun seeping into windows, with your permission]
[the sound of pigeons searching for crumbs]
[the sound of the zoom life fading away]

What do we notice when we walk through a city? And what does it trigger within us – memories, emotions, sensations?

For MIF21, Christine Sun Kim installed captions across Manchester – not on TVs and monitors but vast physical captions on streets and buildings, designed to be sought out on purpose or discovered by chance. Playful, powerful and political, Captioning the City invited us to consider what makes up the essence of a city – and to experience our world in a whole new dimension.

Christine Sun Kim is a US-born, Berlin-based artist whose work considers how sound operates in society. Her practice uses everything from written text and musical notation to American Sign Language to explore her relationship to sound, verbal language and the wider environment.

Captioning the City BSL trailer


Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival.