Capturing a Summer


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Created by the residents of East Salford and filmmaker Danielle Swindells, streaming on Youtube.

What’s a community without contact? What’s a neighbourhood without neighbours? Who are we without each other?

Three months ago, MIF and Paradise Works, an artist-led studio community by the Irwell in Lower Broughton, came together with local filmmaker Danielle Swindells to document a summer like no other – to make a snapshot of a moment we hoped and expected would soon be behind us.

We invited people living in East Salford to put down their thoughts and feelings on film. The 150-plus contributions we received ranged from phone-shot digital video to VHS tapes – and the end result is Capturing a Summer, a new short film created from them that stands as a deeply personal record of life in the right-here, right-now of the coronavirus pandemic.



Created by the residents of East Salford and Danielle Swindells

Music composed by Richard Harris


Produced by MIF in partnership with Paradise Works.

Festival in My Neighbourhood is part of MIF’s year-round programme of activities for residents in Greater Manchester, supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Image credit: Ethan Davies

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