The creators of Manchester Street Poem

Manchester Street Poem hosted two free online storytelling workshops during MIF21 – introducing audiences to their unique way of gathering and sharing personal stories.

Manchester Street Poem is an art collective whose works reflect the personal experiences of our city’s marginalised communities. The collective was established for a major project at MIF17 – and has gone on to create a number of projects across the city and beyond. Guided by the principle that there is ‘no us and them – only us’, MSP challenges stereotypes by focusing on what unites us rather than what divides us, while providing exciting experiences in art for individuals who previously felt like the art world is ‘just not for them’.

'There has always been a strong wellbeing aspect to involvement with our work – and over the last year and more, our weekly sessions have become a lifeline as we all tried to stave off loneliness and disconnection from the things we love.' – Simon Leroux, Manchester Street Poem