On The Request Line! A Virtual Vibe!


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This event was broadcast on Wednesday 22 April, exclusively on MIF Live.  

Inspired by our Festival in My House series, we’re inviting Manchester artists to create their own micro-international festivals at home, then stream them for us during the lockdown, live and for free. This week, one of the city’s leading DJ collectives put on a party – and we were all invited… 

RebeccaNeverBecky’s On the Request Line! A Virtual Vibe! was a club night for the living room – an eclectic and interactive festival in their houses, and yours. There was good-vibes live performances from soul singer-songwriter Tyron Webster, cabaret star La Bella Fatma and Mystique, all fixtures on the Manchester scene, before RebeccaNeverBecky closed things out with a DJ set. 

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Supported by Manchester International Festival. 

Please be aware that this production includes strobing / flashing lighting effects throughout.
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