Out Of Hours

For the second Festival in My Neighbourhood event, members of Levenshulme’s Station South cycling community lit up the Fallowfield Loop with two Disco Bike Rides, as they cycled from Chorlton and Abbey Hey to the Station South Tunnel in Levenshulme – recognising the joys, challenges and freedoms of cycling in our global city.

The event included a family-friendly bike-themed party with an environmental message featuring a crowdsourced cycling poem ‘An Ode to Cycling’ soundtracked by Escape from the North, new music ‘Pedalling (On Yer Bike!)’ from the Loreto High School choir, live wall art, a giant mirror ball, disco waiters from Levenshulme Inspire – and a fabulous disco soundtrack


Station South Team

Pauline Johnston

Mark Jermyn

Abigail Pound


Anna Smith

Andrew Fisher

Kieran Evans

Sarah Tarmaster

Harriet Hall

Garfield Allen

Steph Pound

Debbie Houghton

Jonathan Gander

Bryony Evans



Kirsty Gbasai – Poem Curator and Visual Artist “An Ode To Cycling”

Alex – ‘Ring My Bell’ Tunnel Mural


The Poets:

Dan, Brian, Saz, Ciaran, Helen, Pauline, Alison, Kaz, Jermyn, Col, Jude, Fran, Laura, Andy N, Lucy, Steve, Debbie, Knowmadiq, Sue, Heather, Anna, Phoebe, Eli & Uma, and others who choose to remain anonymous.

The Music:

Original Song and Live Performance

Emily Lyons with the Loreto High School Band and Choir

Original Score and Live Performance

Escape From The North


Disco Waiters:

Levenshulme Runners and Lady Pedal



Taste The Love


Lighting and Sound:

Neuron Pro


Projection and Film Production:


Disco Face Painter:

Claire Sullivan


Disco Energy Balls:

Levenshulme Inspire