Photographic portraits of Akram Khan, Naaman Azhari, Lucinda Childs, (LA)HORDE, Lola Arias, Ibrahim Mahama, Angélique Kidjo

Catalina Bartolomé, Lucie Jansch, Olivier Metzger, Julien Benhamou, Marie Jacquemin, Patrick Fouque, , Almudena Caso Burbano

The global COVID-19 pandemic is changing our world in countless ways: some already visible, others as yet unknown. It has shattered much of what we knew and understood about our lives. But could this tragedy also be an opportunity – a moment for us to reimagine, reshape and rebuild society to be fairer, brighter, better?

Postcards from Now presents five distinct perspectives from leading international artists of every stripe – choreographers, musicians, visual artists, theatre-makers, animators and more. Commissioned and created at the height of the global lockdown, these five films explore everything from community to communication, patriarchy to power. And in very different ways, they consider the question that we’ve all been asking ourselves and others: what happens next?

Breathless Puppets

Akram Khan & Naaman Azhari

Forced apart in childhood by the expectations of their cultures and the disapproval of their fathers, two men with a passion for dance reconnect through the tragedy of the pandemic. Choreographed by Akram Khan and directed by Naaman Azhari, this powerful short film uses rotoscope animation, created by hand-drawing over live action footage.

Building Momentum Under Lockdown: Lucinda Childs Meets (LA)HORDE

Lucinda Childs & (LA)HORDE

When travel restrictions forced Lucinda Childs to postpone a project with the Ballet national de Marseille, the American choreographer began meeting the Ballet’s Artistic Directors – LA(HORDE) – via Zoom. Intimate, playful and relatable, this short film documents chronicles their ongoing digital collaboration, and explores how the distances enforced by the pandemic raise unexpected possibilities for creative interaction.

I’m Not Dead (working title)

Lola Arias 

The pandemic has excluded elderly people from social and political life, exposing their carers to more stressful and precarious working conditions than ever before. Everybody speaks in the names of those who are older as they are in the care of others – but who is really taking care of whom? In Lola Arias’s film, the daily routine of one elderly person and their carer becomes an unexpected act of love and resistance.

Love Campus ABCD

Ibrahim Mahama

What happens when two technologies from different eras occupy the same space, and what potential does their interaction have for future generations? Connecting old aeroplanes with modern drones via workshops held within decommissioned aircraft in his native Ghana, Ibrahim Mahama explores how new technologies and imaginations can allow us to rethink life on all levels – beyond the human experience.

New Film

Angélique Kidjo

Benin is rooted in a patriarchal culture, with households headed by men yet run by women. But in moments of crisis, whether in private homes or wider communities, it’s women who come to the fore – as musician and activist Angélique Kidjo demonstrates in this potent portrait of her home country and the women who inhabit it.

Series commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Théâtre du Châtelet and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. Breathless Puppets is also commissioned by Sadler’s Wells. Series produced by Manchester International Festival. I’m Not Dead is also produced with the collaboration of Staatstheater Hannover and Galerie im Turm.

Image credits: Catalina Bartolomé, Lucie Jansch, Olivier Metzger, Julien Benhamou, Marie Jacquemin, Patrick Fouque, Almudena Caso Burbano

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