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Sat 20 July -
Sat 20 July

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10am-1pm webBreak 2-5pm


Theatre 1, HOME webBreak 2 Tony Wilson Place, M15 4FN

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webBreak £8 webBreak £2 transaction fee per order (no per ticket fee) webBreak webBreak Unreserved Seating

Interdependence is our ideas programme, bringing together audiences, artists and guest speakers to talk about themes and questions inspired by MIF19.

Our three Saturday summits focus on three global challenges, exploring bridges from ideas to real-world change. In addition, look out for special daily conversations and a programme of artists’ talks throughout MIF19, which we’ll be announcing here between now and the start of the Festival.

In our final summit, we will explore how science and technology is enabling us to reconfigure our minds, bodies and relationships with each other and the world around us. We’ll be hearing from the artists and futurists visualising new worlds and the thinkers tackling the big ideas. Is it too late for a pro-human future for technology? Will blockchain create a revolution in politics? Should Facebook start paying you and what would life be like if you could switch off the internet after you’ve booked your MIF tickets, of course. Meet TEM DYSTOPIA987, Paloma Dawkins and many more of the radicals who are helping us navigate our new reality.

Produced by Manchester International Festival in association with HOME


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Sat 20 July 2019
Sat 20 July 2019